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League Rules


North Branch Mens League has four officers:

President  Zack Dwenger
Vice President  Greg Durham
Secretary  Angela Gauck-Belter
Treasurer  Joey Dwenger 

All officers serve a one season term, with the exception of treasurer who serves a two year term. Officers will be nominated during the final weeks of the regular season and will be voted on at the league banquet.


All players must be members of North Branch Golf Course. Substitutes do not need to be members, but will pay normal green and cart fees each week they play.

League Dates

League will be played for twenty weeks, starting on April 18, 2018, and ending on September 5, 2018 (League will not play on July 4th). All matches will begin at 5:30 pm. All league dues and golf course memberships must be paid by April 1, 2018.

Important Dates

League Begins  April 18, 2018 - 5:30 pm 
Regular Season Ends  September 5, 2018
League Playoffs - Round 1  September 12, 2018 - 5:30 pm 
League Playoffs - Round 2 September 19, 2018 - 5:30 pm
League Playoffs - Round 3 September 26, 2018 - 5:30 pm
League Banquet & Awards September 26, 2018 - 7:30 pm

League Fees

League fees will be set to $90 per team for the 2018 season. This must be paid collectively as a team and will not be accepted for individual players.

Teams are also responsible for skins at a price of $60 per team. This is per whole team and must be paid prior to the start of play on the first week of league. The potential skins pot per division per week will be valued at $3 per team in the skins pot.

League Format

Regular Season (4/18/18 – 9/5/15)

During regular season, the format of league will be a three person low-ball format. The best score from the three team members will be used as the team score. Rankings are based on total team points, both match and blinds points.

Playoffs (9/12/15 – 9/26/15)

Playoffs will occur between the top eight teams in a bracket style competition during the last three weeks of league. Winners are determined by the lowest score at the end of the match.


Match Points

Match points will be awarded each match based on the following point structure:

  Points Possible 
3 Points Per Hole Won 27
9 Points for Match Win
Total Points Possible 36

Blinds Points

Blinds points are awarded based on one point for every team in the division beat or tied. Total possible points are equal to the number of teams in the division.



Handicaps are based of 90% of the three middle of the last five scores. The high and low scores are both dropped.

 Number of Scores  Drop Lowest Drop Highest 
1 0 0
4 0 1
5 1 1

Handicaps cannot be adjusted when there are less than three players attending a match. Handicaps are established after one week of play and are retroactively applied to the first week. A handicap cannot be established until all three “core” team members play in a match together.


Team XYZ scored the following scores:

Score Par Over/Under
35 36 +1
40 35 +5
38 35 +3
34 36 -2
37 35 +2

The high and low scores are thrown out, leaving a -1, +2, and +3. The average of these is +1.33. After multiplying by 90%, the handicap is a 1.197. This gives the team a handicap of 1.


Scorecards must be turned in at the end of the night. If scorecards are not turned in by 9PM, both teams from the match will receive zero points and no change in handicap.

Scorecards must be signed by both teams to be accepted. Standard USGA rules apply to scoring, meaning that if a score is signed for and is higher than the actual score, the signed for score will be applied. If the score signed for is lower than the actual score, the team will be disqualified from the match and forfeit all points and potential skins. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Award Payouts

Payouts will be determined at the time of the league banquet. All teams in the playoffs (8 per division) will be guaranteed an award payout.

Course Rules

Course rules will be observed the same as previous years and can be viewed on the league website. The following are in effect for 2018.


  • In course out of bounds on Bridge 9 (surrounding the parking lot), marked by white stakes, is also in effect for players on Bridge 3.
  • In course out of bounds on Bridge 3 (tree line on the south side of the hole), marked by trees and white stakes, is also in effect for players on Bridge 9.


  • The cart path behind Meadow 9 green (between green and clubhouse) marks out of bounds. Any ball on the cart path or over is considered out of bounds.
  • The pavement behind Bridge 6 green (surrounding cart shed and cart path to Bridge 7 tee) marks out of bounds. Any ball on the pavement, in the parking lot, or over is considered out of bounds.
  • The maintenance driveway on the east side of Prairie 1 marks out of bounds for both Prairie 1 and Prairie 2. Any ball on the driveway, over the driveway or in the driving range is considered out of bounds.
  • The field to the west of Prairie 2 is out of bounds for both Prairie 1 and Prairie 2.
  • All bunkers will be played with the "rake and place" rule.


All players will play the white tees, with the exception of those who are age 60 or older, who will play the black tees, and those who are age 70 or older, who will play the gold tees. Players play the tees according to their age on the day of play.

Rainouts / League Cancellations

The first two rainouts will be made up at the end of season by extending the regular season and delaying the playoffs. The only way that league will be cancelled is if the course is closed, or a significant weather emergency. The course can only be closed by North Branch ownership or the North Branch golf professional, and the only ones to cancel league are owners, golf professional, or league president.


Every team can designate one substitute for their team. Substitutes do not need to be members of North Branch Golf Course, but will pay applicable golf fees each week they play.

Teams are limited to using their designated substitute to ten (10) times during the regular season. Substitutes may not play during the playoffs. Handicaps cannot be established with a substitute.

Exceptions to the substitute limit will only be granted on a limited basis, generally for medical reasons. The league officers must approve all extensions of substitutes.

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