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League Handicaps


Handicaps are based of 90% of the three middle of the last five scores. The high and low scores are both dropped.

 Number of Scores  Drop Lowest Drop Highest 
1 0 0
4 0 1
5 1 1

Handicaps cannot be adjusted when there are less than three players attending a match. Handicaps are established after one week of play and are retroactively applied to the first week. A handicap cannot be established until all three “core” team members play in a match together.


Team XYZ scored the following scores:

Score Par Over/Under
35 36 +1
40 35 +5
38 35 +3
34 36 -2
37 35 +2

The high and low scores are thrown out, leaving a -1, +2, and +3. The average of these is +1.33. After multiplying by 90%, the handicap is a 1.197. This gives the team a handicap of 1.

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